Oddball Wine of the Week: Petite Petit

Michael~David Winery Petite Petit 2007 Lodi

This wine was a press sample provided by Michael~David Winery.

Which came first the name or the wine? That’s what I wonder when see that this wine is called Petite Petit for it’s combination of Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot (and oddball blend to be sure). Clever name, but is that the best reason to blend these two grapes? Does it make oenological sense? Let’s find out.

Producer: Michael~David Winery

Grapes: 85% Petite Sirah, 15% Petit Verdot

Appellation: Lodi (AVA, California)

Vineyards: no info

Vintage: 2007

Winemaking: The wine spent 14 months in French oak barrels.

Alcohol: 14.5%

Price: $18 (though I’ve seen it at Whole Foods for $14)

My tasting notes: Deep purple-black color. On the nose, I get blueberry, sweet tobacco, baking spices and just a touch of fresh earth. The palate delivers nice blackberry and vanilla cream flavors (maybe a little black cherry, too) with a bit of spice. It’s smooth-textured, almost plush in the mouth with fine-grained tannins and decent acidity.

Overall impression: I’m not sure any magic came from the Petite + Petit combination (I didn’t sense much from the Petit Verdot), but this is an enjoyable bottle of wine, firmly in the “fruit & oak” camp. B/B-

Free association: Speaking of odd combinations, the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual was full of them. Here’s a favorite.

More info:

88 pts. Robert Parker

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If you ever played Dungeons & Dragons as a kid (or even now – hey, no judging here) you’ll love this series of Monster Manuel comics from one of the funniest people alive: Lore Sjöberg over at BadGods. The Owlbear one is here, though my favorites are: Orc, Chimera, Ear Seeker and Kobold.

8 comments to Oddball Wine of the Week: Petite Petit

  • What? Who told that I played D&D…, oh wait, nobody did. Nevermind. :)

    I’ve seen this wine before and been curious about it. Sounds like it might be worth a try. Definitely seems like a bit of an oddball wine. I love this feature of the blog. Reading about some really fun wines that you don’t hear much about.

  • Jim/VINEgeek

    You were a half-elf ranger/illusionist weren’t you, Ben? 😉

    Glad you like the Oddball series. It’s fun for me, too. Stay tuned, I’ve got some doozies in the pipeline: unpronounceable Georgian grapes (as in Republic of Georgia, not the Peach State), old-vines Carignan from Chile, Mencia from Ribeira Sacra, etc.

  • Boy, you two sure are geeks. I’ve never even seen a game of D&D :)

    Jim it does seem like this was a pairing for novelty sake more than anything. 85% Petite Sirah – sounds like the Verdot was added for some muscle.

    I look forward to the Rep of GA post! Should be a fun one


  • Man Jim, You’ve got me pegged. :)

    Sweet, I’m looking forward to checking out the upcoming oddballs.

  • That was absolutely hilarious.

    I caught an unrelated bit of D&D humor the other day in a random forum. A DM got tired of his players rolling the same boring characters, so he modified each character before the game started. The guy playing a halfling got the following change: “You’re 11 years old, overweight, and your racial ability is Truffle Shuffle.”

  • Jim/VINEgeek

    Josh – I’m not buying it. I’m betting you were a Lawful Good Paladin wielding a +5 Holy Avenger.

  • Jim/VINEgeek

    Ben – I hope the DM gave the halfling a bag of holding for all his Baby Ruths, not to mention One-Eyed Willie’s treasure!

  • Sager

    You were spot on, with the nose and flavors found in this odd wine.
    I happened to pick this one up on a whim at my local store today, then googled it, finding this review.
    It may be an oddball blend, but I find I am truly enjoying this bottle of wine.
    Glad I bought two :)

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