Princess Bride Wine… Inconceivable!

I came across this story last week and my head almost exploded. It represents the convergence of three of my favorite things. If by some miracle it had been Mourvèdre instead of Cab, I really would have lost my mind.




(Alamo Drafthouse is one of the things I love best about Austin)


Princess Bride

(one of my all-time favorite movies).


Click the image above for the full story and more shots of the terrific packaging at the Helms Workshop site. About the project:

In looking at developing an identity for Alamo’s in-house branded wines, we quickly decided that it would be impossible to sum up everything that makes the Alamo unique in a single packaging system. Why not redesign the wine each year, based on a film that aligns with the brand? Alamo’s 2012 offering became two wines inspired by The Princess Bride, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the film.

There’s a new Alamo Drafthouse opening in my neighborhood next month. I know what my first drink order will be!


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