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Khal Drogo Says: Keep Calm And Drink Mourvèdre

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Khal Drogo Says: Keep Calm And Drink Mourvèdre

It’s nice having Khal Drogo on #TeamMourvedre!

This wonderful image comes from the people behind Game of Rhones (why didn’t I think of that name!), a Rhone-focused wine event in Melbourne, Australia. Check out the website; they’re really all-in with the Game of Thrones theme. Oh, and the wine sounds awesome, too. I […]

Girls Paper Dolls Drink Wine

This post is only barely wine-related. It’s mostly an excuse to post these cool paper dolls of the characters from HBO’s Girls, by Kyle Hilton for Vulture. It looks like that’s a bottle of Line 39 wine Jessa’s got. Anybody know if that specific bottle make an appearance in the show?

He’s got […]

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