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Mourvèdre Monday #30, Double-Feature: Vinavanti Mourvèdre & Rosé

Vinavanti is an urban winery in San Diego whose Black Label wines emphasize a natural winemaking approach. Knowing my interest in Mourvèdre-based wines, Eric Van Drunen was kind enough to provide two bottles as samples for review. Both the 2011 Mourvèdre and Clara Rosé, sourced from nearby Temecula Valley, are hand-picked, native-fermentation, unfined/unfiltered, no sulfite […]

Mourvèdre Monday #29: Merum 2009

A quick-hit #MourvedreMonday wine…

. Merum 2009 Monastrell – Jumilla

Dried cherry, raspberry, mossy earthiness and dried flowers. Rich, but with good acidity. This tasty and interesting little Jumilla is 85% Monastrell and 15% Syrah and well worth the $10.50 I paid for it. Grab a bottle if you come across it and let me […]

Mourvèdre Monday #28: Bandol Rosé

With spring just around the corner, my pick for this Mourvèdre Monday is a lovely little Bandol rosé. Bandol, located within Provence, is France’s only wine region where Mourvèdre is the dominant grape. In other words, heaven. I couldn’t find the exact varietal composition of this bottle, but the Bandol AOC regulations require at least […]

Mourvèdre Roundup: February 2013

It’s the first #MourvedreMonday of the month, so here’s a roundup of Mourvèdre-related interestingness from the past month: February, the dwarf month. (I wonder if someday, February will be downgraded from full month status to “dwarf”, like poor ole Pluto.)

The Leon Stolarski Blog stoked my jealousy this month with a post describing a major […]

Mourvèdre Monday #27: Turkey Flat 2006

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a chance to taste a Barossa Mourvèdre for the intermittent yet persistent #MourvedreMonday series. I recently came across this bottle at a wine shop I hadn’t visited before. I’d heard of Turkey Flat before via my Mourvèdre-radar (i.e., hours on the internet), but hadn’t ever found a […]

“This is not a grape for amateurs.”

It’s another #MourvedreMonday, but I don’t have a wine review to post. So I’ll share this fun video of Paso Wine Man singing the praises of my favorite grape for Paso’s 2013 Varietal of the Month Series. (I’ll have to forgive the awkward pronunciation…) #TeamMourvedre

Mourvèdre Monday #26 – Esprit de Beaucastel

I tasted this wine back in the summer, but never got around to blogging my notes. So I decided to dust them off for today’s Mourvèdre Monday post.

Tablas Creek 2008 Esprit de Beaucastel Rouge

Complex nose of cherry/raspberry fruit with a hit of coffee/mocha and mint. On the palate, it is mouth-filling without […]

Mourvèdre Monday #27: My New Favorite Monastrell

I originally declared 2010 to be the Year of Mourvèdre, but my love of the grape knows no bounds, calendrical or otherwise. Here in 2012, the posts don’t come as often as they used to, but in honor of my recent business trip to Spain, here’s a review of my new favorite Monastrell (the Spanish […]

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