VINEgeek VINstagram: Lirac-in’ The Suburbs (With Apologies to Ben Folds)

Lirac-in’ the suburbs. #vinegeek

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VINEgeek VINstagram: Picpoul

Bonny Doon Picpoul with dinner fixings (salsa for grilled shrimp tostadas). #vinegeek

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VINEgeek VINstagram: Le Cigare ’08

Bonny Doon 2008 Le Cigare Volant ‘en foudre’

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VINEgeek VINstagram: Texas Rosé of Mourvèdre

Texas Hill Country Rosé of Mourvèdre #yeehaw #vinegeek

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VINEgeek VINstagram

Marcel Lapierre, guacamole and my laptop. The closest I can get to work-life balance these days. #vinegeek #vinegeekapproved #naturalwine on Instagram:

Tasting Trione

Here’s a sextet of wines from Trione, tasted from 50ml Tasting Room samples.

Trione 2010 Sauvignon Blanc Russian River Valley

Pungent nose calls to mind fresh-cut grass. Bright lime flavors with a saline quality (tequila shot?) and sharp acidity. It has a persistant, mineral finish. Some might find it too lean for their tastes, […]

VINEgeek VINstagram

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Mourvèdre Monday #30, Double-Feature: Vinavanti Mourvèdre & Rosé

Vinavanti is an urban winery in San Diego whose Black Label wines emphasize a natural winemaking approach. Knowing my interest in Mourvèdre-based wines, Eric Van Drunen was kind enough to provide two bottles as samples for review. Both the 2011 Mourvèdre and Clara Rosé, sourced from nearby Temecula Valley, are hand-picked, native-fermentation, unfined/unfiltered, no sulfite […]

Khal Drogo Says: Keep Calm And Drink Mourvèdre

It’s nice having Khal Drogo on #TeamMourvedre!

This wonderful image comes from the people behind Game of Rhones (why didn’t I think of that name!), a Rhone-focused wine event in Melbourne, Australia. Check out the website; they’re really all-in with the Game of Thrones theme. Oh, and the wine sounds awesome, too. I […]

House VINEgeek: We Drink Only Interesting Wine


In preparation for Game of Thrones Episode 2 tonight, here’s my sigil for House VINEgeek:

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