Wine Terms As Band Names

The other day, I saw this t-shirt in a shop window on Sixth Street here in Austin:

SELL YOUR COMPUTER BUY A GUITAR.  My first thought was “How would I blog? Could I write songs with tasting notes for lyrics?” (Terrible idea, I know.) Also, I don’t think VINEgeek would make a great band name. Perhaps VINEgeek and The Indigenous Yeasts? VINEgeek and the Dijon Clones? VINEgeek and The Screwcaps?

That got me thinking about wine-related terms that could work as band names. Some starter ideas below. Please add yours in the comments.

Phylloxera – Great name for a metal band, right?

Punchdown – This sounds like an early 2000s post-grunge, “alt”-rock band like Candlebox, Silverchair or Collective Soul.

The Other 46 – This wine blog’s name could work as a band name in the what-the-hell-does-that-mean tradition à la Matchbox 20 or Seven Mary Three.

Noble Rot – Goth-rock à la Evanescence.

Steen – The South African name for Chenin Blanc fits in nicely with the monosyllabic rock band names like Rush, Styx, Yes, Queen, Tool, Korn, etc.

Mataro – Sounds like an indie-rock band from the Midwest.

Frizzante – A new project from John Frusciante?

Fiddletown – This California AVA sounds ike a Charlie Daniels tribute band.

Primitivo – Some world music group (Grupo Primitivo, perhaps?) playing pan flutes and bongos.

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